Mobile Command Vehicles

UAS Mobile Command Vehicles & Control Centers

Multiple vehicle platforms

Custom off-road packages

Integrated commercial generators

Autonomous flight control

Live video and sensor streaming

Access UAS Service Suppliers & Supplemental Data Service Providers

50ft. heavy duty telescoping mast

Mast-mounted UAS tracking camera

4G LTE, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz

HD video transmission

VHF airband & UHF transceivers

 Operate Multiple Aircraft Beyond Visual Line of Sight


Auto tracking antenna

Rugged 4-wheel drive chassis

Mast-mounted UAS tracking camera

20 hour gas powered generator

10 mile UAS signal booster

Cloud based data collection, transmission and encryption

Customizable Mercedes ARS Vehicle


Customizable ARS Ford Vehicle

Customizable from head to toe, contact us to talk more about your customized mobile command vehicle and unmanned aerial solution.