Long-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

From the public sector to government agencies, UAV Mobile Command Vehicles and Mobile Command centers have become vital to daily UAS operations. Unmanned aerial response systems provide companies and organizations with quick, effective communication, surveillance, and data transmission. When timely data is critical, our solutions enable your drone inspection services to accomplish this goal easily, in any situation.
The design of our drones and integrated command centers makes them the perfect solution for deployment and integration into the national airspace system. ARS’s custom designed Mobile Command Vehicles and Mobile Command Centers will meet your needs, including the following/

drone services

Long-Range Drones & Sensors

Mobile Command & Control Centers

Onsite consulting & training

Hazmat Detection and Response

Quick containment and public safety is top priority in a hazmat emergency – and ARS drone services and systems are the key to Hazmat Detection and response. Because drones can operate beyond the hot zone, immediate identification and quantification is possible without risk to pilots and operators. This allows response teams to capture real-time video, appropriately quantify the magnitude of the situation, model contamination, accurately communicate with key stakeholders across relevant agencies, while working within the established ICS and NIMS protocols to ensure community safety.
Benefits include:

  • Drone based CHEM & RAD Sensors
  • Interagency Communication
  • Real Time Videos & Sensor Feeds

Public Safety and Military Use

When it comes to safety, drone services can provide a greater peace of mind to the general public. Law enforcement, fire departments, and other first responders can utilize drone services for anything from accidents and weather emergencies, to dangerous criminal situations and search and rescue efforts. Likewise, the military relies on drone services for missions such as: combat search and rescue, perimeter defense, and intelligence gathering. The ability to provide security, detect threats and maintain constant awareness of fluid situations as they unfold is vital in keeping the public and our armed forces safe.
By integrating unmanned air assets and ground mobility, it is possible for the military and public agencies to:

  • Improve Situational Awareness
  • Low Level Threat Detection
  • Reconnaissance & Surveillance
  • Perimeter Security

Industrial and Infrastructure Inspection

ARS drone inspection services serve both industrial and infrastructure inspections. From construction projects and facilities management, to utility infrastructure and power plants, drone inspection services provide immediate data and communications that reduce out-of-service time, as well as monitoring change detection in real-time. The speed and accuracy of these inspections also reduces time-consuming and expensive manpower – ultimately improving the overall economics of the inspection process.
Benefits include:

  • Quick-response mobility and deployment
  • Decreased out-of-service time
  • Reduced inspection costs
  • Change detection

Maritime and Port Security

Maritime and port security cannot be compromised, and drone services ensure high-quality communications and data transmission. Maritime and port security can pose unique challenges; whether it’s traffic control, sea vessel inspections, cargo transport, navigation, construction projects, or environmental clean-ups; drone services and drone inspection services are powerful, cost-effective solutions.
Aerial response solutions for Maritime & Port security offer:

  • Ground & Air Surveillance Cameras
  • Roaming Inspections
  • HAZMAT & RAD Sensors
  • Real Time Video and Sensor Data Transmission